“Solicitations” – the first publication by American Books has been released.

by americanbooksusa

Solicitations is the first project from American Books. Featuring both visual and textual work by a wide array of writers and artists, Solicitations was conceived of as a means to gather community around this new press and the kind of work it will make visible in the future. It contains 36 pamphlets housed in a custom-made box and was printed in three limited editions of 50, which are geographically specific to each of the publisher’s current locations: the New York edition, the Pittsburgh edition, and the Berlin edition.

To order Solicitations, please see the information below.

Solicitations contains contributions by:
01 Adam Marnie
02 Beka Goedde
03 Corina Copp
04 Corrine Fitzpatrick
05 Cynthia Arrieu-King
06 Dana Ward
07 Dani Leventhal
08 David Horvitz
09 Deirtra Thompson
10 Douglas Piccinnini
11 Frances Scholz
12 Jared White
13 Jeremy Hoevenaar
14 Jibade-Khalil Huffman
15 Jim Behrle
16 John Coletti
17 Karen Weiser
18 Katharina Marszewski
19 Katharine Betty Jones
20 Keith Newton
21 Laura Neuman
22 Marcus Steinweg
23 Mark von Schlegell
24 Marysia Gacek
25 Matt Hart
26 Max Boss
27 Nicole Wallace
28 No lol Omar
29 Per Mertens
30 Robert Kocik
31 Sara Wintz
32 Steven Zultanski
33 Thom Donovan
34 Will Edmiston
35 Yannick Rudolph

Solicitations is $15.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling for domestic orders. International orders must be calculated. Please click below to purchase.

Solicitations is sold out!